May 28, 2007

Some Pictures

I'm annoyed at myself. I was reading the Sunday Herald Sun at work yesterday and there was this amazing production still from Baz Luhrmann's Australia featuring Nicole on horseback and I meant to bring it home and scan it for your guys, but like the knobhead that I am, I forgot to. You can check out some similar photos over at SplashNews (as if the god awful image-ruining watermark didn't clue you in - seriously, there are so many sites that I don't visit because they throw giant hideous watermarks or logos on top of everything. Even stuff they didn't get themselves.)

But this picture from the newspaper was just so good. No hideous logos. Nicole was looking amazing and reminded me a lot of Elizabeth Taylor in Giant, and those a big cattle-ranch boots to fill. I've been searching for the picture for a while now but cannot find it. And because I've decided to permantly ban any pictures with giant watermarks on them, the picture below is from Just Jared (who has the decency to not cover the picture with a watermark/logo). Something about the images coming out from the set make me even more certain that this movie is going to be amazing and that Nicole has another Oscar nod directly in her future (I don't think she'll get one for this year's Margot at the Wedding by the way).

By the way, check out the recently-discovered-by-me Cameron Laird's site for a big giant photo gallery of Australia (including the Bowen cattle drive sequence). Plus there's pictures of Hugh at the beach from just the other day so... ya know. That's pretty good to. I figured I'd respect Laird and his site though and not publish pictures from it. Well, I could have if I paid for it, but I think I'll just let you check out the site for yourself.

Someone over at the Media Boulevard forums for Hugh scanned this image from a recent WHO Weekly edition. It has an image of Hugh in the sleeveless version of his ranching outfit (there are more sleeveless pics at Laird's site). I'd suggest you hang around that forum if you want the very latest in Jackman/Australia pictures.


Marius said...

Um, where are all the comments? Am I in the twilight zone? It’s Nicole and Hugh!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there are no comments because this is pretty much old news, all the pics you linked to have been seen all last week and in previous weeks.

You can find that pic of Kidman on her horse leading the herd of 750 cattle, albeit a small one, here:,23739,21799204-952,00.html

Cameron Laird | Freelance Photographer said...

Hi Glen, Just found your blog - thanks for your kind comments! You are more than welcome to use some of my pics on your blog (providing you link from their original location using the 'share photo' feature). I also have a blog at
And btw, thanks for considering my rights before using images. Pretty rare nowadays and really appreciated when that respect is shown!