April 15, 2007

How imaginative

One of 2007's finest musical moments so far has been the return of Sophie Ellis Bextor. First there "Catch You", which was pop heaven. Now comes "Me and My Imagination". The song actually sounds like what I imagine Scott, Aitken and Waterman would be doing if they were still producing music (SA,W are the famous producers of much of Kylie Minogue's early work as well as Bananarama and others). In fact, I imagine Sophie is just the kind of singer that they would give all their great songs too.

"Me and My Imagination" isn't as perfectly thrilling as "Catch You", but it's infectious and crazily addictive. Thankfully, the downright amazing video for the song doesn't overshadow it, because boy, is this video amazing. It's all Sophie's killer legs and neon and sets that look like they belong in a 1940s movie musical (er, when it doesn't turn into a neon tapped light show that is.) And it has a delightful reference to an earlier Sophie video (that'd be "Murder on the Dancefloor")

Here's hoping the awesomely titled new album Trip the Light Fantastic, released May 21 in the UK, is as good as the initial songs have promised. Really, british pop and dance is proving itself to be the best in the world. Watch the spectacular video for "Me and My Imagination" below.

Thanks to the wonderful Victim of the Time blog for the heads up.

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