April 8, 2007

2007 Australian Preview: The Home Song Stories

I hadn't seen the (sorta boring) poster for Tony Ayres' latest feature The Home Song Stories. The film stars Joan Chen (yeah, JOAN MOTHAFUCKIN' CHEN!) as a Shanghai nightclub singer trying to make her way in Australia with her two sons. It's based on the life of director Ayres, who's last film was the harrowing and superbly acted Walking on Water with Vince Colosimo and the stunning Maria Theodorakis. I did not know that Home Song was an entry at Berlinale. I am definitely looking forward to this film for Ayres and JOAN MOTHAFUCKIN' CHEN! Plus, I'm glad that this culture is finally being explored by an Australian film. Although, the last Aussie film that dealed with Asian Australians was one of the worst films I've ever seen (scan to the bottom). The Home Song Stories is rated MA15 for, apparently, strong themes, strong coarse language, frequent drug use and sexual references. Nice!

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