March 14, 2007


I seriously think I had some sort of anxiety attack last night. Really. I have no explanation for panicking (is that spelt right?) and having an overwhelming sense of dread and getting all clammy and quasi-depressed. To quote Jane Lynch in The Anniversary Party: "Anyway..."

I feel much better this morning - despite having to shill out $85 at the vet because my cat (Sophie, love her) got into a fight. Hopefully the dirty bingo competition I'm going to tonight will brighten me up even further. Yeah, you heard me. DIRTY BINGO! Dildos and lubricants for all! Speaking of such (wow, what a segway) I watched Shortbus the other night. Really great. Sweet and tender, but funny and powerful. Sook-yin Lee was great, Justin Bond is hilarious and I loved the animation. That Jennifer Aniston joke had me laughing for five solid minutes. I had to pause the DVD because I was laughing so much. However, I'm only giving the movie a B+ because the Paul Dawson character (the depressed film maker) really bugged me. Apart from the closet scene (with the wonderful Lindsay Beamish), he seemed to hail from the Jennifer Aniston (hey, there she is again) School of Vacant Stares. Still, it's totally a lovely experience and it just wraps you up in a big down-filled doona and Egyptian cotton sheets and makes sweaty love to you. B+ (although as time goes by, perhaps I'll bump it up to an A-?)

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AMMONART25 said...

I just watched it last night and felt exactly the same way...right down to the vacant stares of depressed boy(to be fair, he was drugged up most of the time)but he gets plus points for trying to suck his own dick lol:-) I was lucky enough to catch Justin Bond when Kiki & Herb played at the Opera House last year(on my birthday)...Such an amazing, powerful voice singing beautiful songs that told scary,hilarious stories of white trash America...And you haven't heard "Hit me baby one more time..." until Miss Kiki has sung it!