March 14, 2007

Plan 9 From YouTube

Dude, did y'all know that Ed Wood's strange Plan 9 from Outer Space is on YouTube! Like, the entire thing. All 78 minutes of it! If you have only ever seen Tim Burton's wonderful Academy Award-winning Ed Wood then you owe it to yourself (and Burton, since I imagine that was what his motive was all along) to see the movie that inspired it. It's not good. It really isn't. But it's such a bizarre utterly deranged movie that I would definitely call it a must-see. It's fascinating to watch the bits from Ed Wood actually occuring in Plan 9, such as when Tor Johnson's detective character leaves a room, hits the doorframe due to his emmense size which results in the set shaking.

I repeat though, it isn't a good movie. I actually fell asleep during it for several minutes. But it's one of those movies that has such a place in the world of cinema that I really think should be seen. Plus, if you actually find it to be hilarious (I'm sure a few beers could help the cause) then that's pretty awesome, right?

Besides, any movie whose video box claims to "Almost starring Bela Lugosi" has certainly got it's charm.


Bruno Packer said...

How come this film went Public Domain? It deserved the same fate of Night of the Living Dead! WTF?

RC said...

over an hour of something on youtube...flash is good, but not that good.

that is interesting that it is available in this format though.