March 19, 2007

Are there any fish left in the sea (and by fish I mean movies left to remake)??

Seriously? A remake of freakin' Pirahna? Granted, I haven't seen the original (I have seen the dreadful James Cameron-directed sequel mind you), but still. Who wants to see a remake of a movie nobody even cared about back then? And about fish, no less! Ugh. And it makes me sorta sad that it's Alexandre Aja who is going to be sitting in the director's chair. Aja did an impressive job with the first half of his French debut Haute Tension (that ending will forever be a blight on the world of cinema) and I really quite enjoyed (well, no, not "enjoyed") his second feature, another remake, The Hills Have Eyes.

But, really. This is never going to end. Aja says he wants to "pay homage" (is "homage" not the most overused word nowadays when it comes to remakes?) to the movies he grew up with. That's all well and good, but at least people like Eli Roth (a man whose movies I don't care for at all) are paying "homage" to those films in the form of original movies, not remakes of April Fool's Day or Them! or whatever else they're going to think of remaking next. Ugh.

I still think the idea of any movie involving pirahnas is utterly absurd, but why do we need a remake of one? Really. Naturally, it's being produced by the Weinstein's so if they give the Pirahna remake the same level of respect as that they have given that other animal-in-the-water horror flick of theirs, Rogue, we'll probably never even get to see it. So, ya know, that's a bonus!


adam k. said...

I actually heard they're remaking The Witches next year. And that depresses me.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh dear. Can they recast Anjelica Huston. I don't see why not.