February 22, 2007

Pan's Links

I'm gonna discuss Pan's Labyrinth in a tick, but right now - here are some links.

The Envelope has an article about cinematography. I ooh and aah over this category every year (it's my absolute favourite outside of the "majors") and this year was an exceptional year. I haven't seen Dick Pope's work on The Illusionist (that movie is out next week down here), but the other four nominees (Vilmos Zsigmond for The Black Dahlia, Emmanuel Lubezki for Children of Men, Wally Pfister for The Prestige and Guillermo Navvaro for Pan's Labyrinth) are all in my own personal ballot (alongside David Williamson for Jindabyne).

The Age takes to the Oscars from an Australian point of view. But the writer sort of lost me when he mentioned the Brownlow. Don't compare the two, please.

Thank god for Lizzy Gardiner's American Express Gold Card dress, and for Bjork and Cher and people prepared to live dangerously and flirt with the sartorial absurd.

How about a HELL YES! The Kramer Vs Kramer jibe on page 2 warmed the cockles of my heart.

We all know about Penelope Cruz' padded arse in Almodovar's Volver, but was some of Cruz's hair fake as well? I loved her hair in that movie. So big.

At The Gilded Moose I was a runner up on the Prove Your Wit competition. Not only did I throw an insult Oprah Winfrey's way, but I also poked fun at The Last King of Scotland. I make myself so proud sometimes.

In Dreamgirls news - those you thought you would never get to see the original (and apparently the best) Effie White will actually get the chance to when Jennifer Holliday takes to the stage in an Atlanta Dreamgirls revival.

Annette Bening at the Film Experience offers up who she ticked the boxes for on her Academy Award form. She's smart. She knows that finally she'll have a change to win (aka, she won't be up against The Skank) and the Academy will feel they "owe" Kate Winslet.

Adam at Crumb by Crumb offers his predictions, which I pretty much agree with. I'll offer my final predix in a day or so.

RC over at Strange Culture goes through the archives and details explicitly his Oscar-prediction shortcomings. I think we're all guilty of doing that. I thought Judy Davis was surely gonna get nominated for Marie Antoinette back in 2005. LOL, right?

I am immediately intrigued by Zoo. Is this some sort of Equus-on-film or what? Man turns into horse? WHAT?

Arden (Not her real name) over at Cinephilia reviews George Hickenlooper's abstract ode Factory Girl. The reasons why she liked it are the exact reasons I've wanted to see it for ages and why I just know I'll like it. It's that time period and all that stuff. I wish they'd release it down here. We got Miss Potter and Breaking and Entering pretty much at the same time, so why not this?

Lastly, did you know you could order flavoured m&ms?

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