February 14, 2007

Natalie Maines Is My Hero

Seriously. And the Dixie Chicks are truly one of the best bands in music today. I'm so glad we have them in this world. Why didn't you guys (er, the Americans who had access to it - stupid Weinstein brothers!) go see Shut Up & Sing? I know it shouldn't surprise me that a movie such as An Inconvenient Truth, what with it's sledgehammer subtlety and oh-so-hip social message, should become the left winger's flag waving token (some people wear it as a badge that they saw that movie and act as if they're actually changing the world), and then something like Shut Up & Sing gets pushed aside, which is just as politically and socially important. Someone should rerelease it now that the Chicks have all this attention. That way people can go see it and realise that Natalie Maines should be worshipped (cause, ya know, she's also a kickarse singer and she's married to the flying politician on Heroes).

Natalie, You're my hero. Bless ya! I think I'm gonna purchase Shut Up & Sing on DVD from America considering the only country outside of America that even has a tentative release date is The Netherlands. Ugh.

Here's some more Dixie Chick/Grammy clips for your viewing pleasure. DIXIE CHICKS FOREVER!

Who is that next to Seal? And that weird stage-in-the-audience thing reminds me of the Oscars when they made people accept their award in the aisles.

Owen Wilson? Huh? HA-HA. I love you Natalie.

What's Quentin Tarantino doing with Tony Bennett? LOL. These presenters are so bizarre. Tony's all class though.

And this clip continues to beg the question... why was Scarlett Johansson even at the Grammys let alone presenting the biggest award of the night? And why can't she stand closer to the mic? Crazy. Is she really recording an album? I don't get why all these people were presenting awards.

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