February 5, 2007

Look This Way

I think I just died a little, because this is sort of the craziest / oddest / bestest / most fucked up thing I've seen in a while. My two favourite groups, the two groups who are still making good pop music - Girls Aloud and Sugababes - teaming up to do a cover version of, of all things, Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" for Comic Relief Charity. The whole thing is hilariously bonkers, but gosh, it's sort of irresistably delicious. Hard to believe some of those outfits are considered "dresses" too. Amelle (the new Sugababe, the one wearing the spangly silver outfit) is practically giving a guided tour of her fallopian tubes. "ALL ABOARD!" But, whatever. The song is a hoot.

All will be right in pop music if these two groups can stay together for as long as possible (history is against them.) What would becoming of CHERYL TWEEDY?!?!

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