January 6, 2007

Worst Movie Titles of 2006

What's in a name? A lot. And if these movies had better titles they may have been more successful.

10. Firewall
Does a movie with the name of computer software interest you?

9. Idlewild
I have no idea what this title means.

8. The Good Shepherd
If you were a complete movie tragic and no idea what any movies were and you went to the cinema one day would you see a movie called The Good Shepherd?

7. The History Boys
This title makes me feel like I'm going to get waaay too much of an education. It also sounds like it's going to be a bunch of guys sitting around discussing history. FUN!!

6. Invincible
I'm not sure what it is about this title that bugs me, but it does.

5. Man of the Year
This title doesn't make sense considering the man is running for president. huh?

4. Lucky Number Slevin
Uh, just look at that title. It's ugly. Although it is better than the generic title they used internationally - The Wrong Man

3. The Tiger and the Snow
Sounds more like a director giving his film an artsy fartsy European name than having anything relevant to the plot. I thought this movie was set in IRAQ?!

2. The Last King of Scotland
Are they kidding me with this? Read The Good Shepherd comment and that's exactly my thoughts.

1. A Good Year
Only "Good"? Not "great" or "best" or "spectacular" or "wonderful" or "delightful" or "enlightening" or "special" or "enchanting" or... well, you get the picture. To make matters even worse, in the trailer a girl asks Russell Crowe "Was it good?" and he replies "No. It was grand" and then up comes the title. "A Good Year". It just sounds so... unremarkable and bland.

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Woodstock said...

Lol!! This was so much fun to read!