January 7, 2007

IMDb for Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Check out today's IMDb poll (or just look at the screengrab below). It follows on the theme of Nat's entry about category fraud.

Let us forecast our minds to Oscar nomination morning and hearing the old dude announce the follow:

"Best performance by an actress in a lead role, the nominees are... Cate Blanchett for Babel"



Ali said...


I'm a huge Blanchett fan, but I have to agree with Nathaniel in that she's spreading herself too thin lately (and it shows.) I actually disliked her in Babel, finding her acting choices a bit lazy (although I don't know whether to blame the writer, director or her for the moment when she drawls "What here is non-fat?" when looking at the menu. Oooh, I get it, she's a superficial American tourist. Ugh. hated that entire scene.)

And I thought she failed to do anything interesting in Notes on a Scandal. I thought it would be a day to celebrate when Blanchett received her third nod, but now I just feel indifference. Even anger, because she's taking up room where a fresh name like Emily Blunt could get a breakthrough mention. But it's not Cate's fault, seeing that it's the studio, etc.

I didn't see The Good German though, so who knows?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Apparently she is quite swell in The Good German but the movie stinks up the joint (I still really wanna see it though!)

I blame the writing and directing of Babel for pretty much every fault I have with it. They both don't seem to have a clue how to tell a story.

Cate's character was totally right about the ice cubes thing though.

Amy said...

I love Cate. Truly. Especially when she's with God, my other Kate. She's a fantastic actress, but this is not her year. She was great in "Notes", decent in "Babel" and awful in "Good German" (although the dialogue did not help her at ALL).

I think she'll get in for Notes, though.