January 28, 2007

Happy Australia Day! Part IV

I'm feeling really crook today (I'll spare you the gruesome details) so you're not gonna get much outta me, unfortunately. I've compiled a few YouTube clips relating to Australian films. Enjoy.

A nifty clip from an Australian Film Institute awards show several years back. It's a montage of tiny clips from Australian films. That scream from Picnic at Hanging Rock is just freaky! And speaking of Picnic at Hanging Rock...

...here's a tiny tiny clip from it. Man, that movie is brilliant.

Nicole Kidman and Baz Luhrmann discussing Moulin Rouge! after their wins at the Golden Globes back at the start of 2002. The interesting thing is when Baz says that he's happy to know there's an audience for a musical around the world, because in 2001 people were like "a musical!? FLOP!" but now everyone just expects them to be big huge successes for some reason. I love these two so much. How awesome is Australia going to be? VERY awesome, I predict.

Nicole: You're speaking really fast!
Baz: ...I'm Australian

I speak fast! Me and Baz are like brothers! Okay, not really...

The Saviour - Part 1

The Saviour - Part 2

This is the Academy Award nominated short feature Saviour. It was nominated this year and I found it on YouTube, so have a gander. It's pretty good. It's about a young mormon who is having an affair with an athiest. I never thought Rhys Muldoon would ever be in something Oscar-nominated, that's for sure.

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