January 27, 2007

Get Well Soon, Nicole!

Okay, so I know a stunt man broke his arm and leg (or whatever), but NICOLE!!!!! On the set of her 2007 film The Invasion was involved in a car crash when the stunt truck that her car was on, during a scene involving her trying to get through an attack by mutant killer zombies, crashed into a pole. There's video of it over here at TMZ. She was takent to hospital but released soon after suffering only shock. In the video she does look a bit dazed and confused.

Anyway, she went back to work, so all is well. But, still... my Nicole!

BTW, how funny is it that Nicole and Daniel Craig are together in two 2007 films (The Invasion and The Golden Compass) and in The Invasion Craig plays a doctor (or so the picture at the top would suggest). And earlier in filming of The Invasion Nicole and Daniel were involved in another car-related incident when Nic forgot to put the car into park and it started to role backwards or something. It's on the trivia page at IMDb.

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