January 7, 2007

10 Things I Learnt From Movies in 2006

1. Every movie set in the town of Jindabyne must mention the fact that the Jindabybe lake has a town buried underneath (Jindabyne and Somersault.)

2. Dancing penguins are much better than non-dancing penguins (Happy Feet.)

3. Movies with multi-narrative structures needed to not have so many subplots, and actually finish the good ones (Babel, 2:37, Fast Food Nation.)

4. Large casts of unknowns can sometimes be just as good as large casts of stars (United 93, 12 and Holding, 2:37, Ten Canoes vs A Prairie Home Companion, The Departed, Fast Food Nation, The Black Dahlia.)

5. Deborra-Lee Furness is just as awesome as Hugh (but not as hot, sorry)

6. One certain popcorn movie is better than all the Best Picture contenders (except for United 93) that I've seen. That would be The Devil Wears Prada vs The Departed, Little Miss Sunshine, Flags of Our Fathers, Babel and The Queen. I haven't seen Dreamgirls yet.

7. Snakes + Plane + Samuel L Jackson really does = a good mothafuckin' time!

8. Australians are still capable of making great films (Jindabyne, Ten Canoes, Happy Feet, Kenny, etc)

9. Alfonso Cuaron is infinitely better than Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu. Like, bucketloads (Children of Men vs Babel)

10. So that's how scared I can possibly get in a movie cinema. I didn't know! (The Descent)

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Woodstock said...

Aw, I missed your blog! I'm an ignorant in Australian cinema, but blame my lame country that never shows aussie movies.

I agree with #6, even though I haven't seen Babel, nor Flags or The Queen [once again blame Brasil], but I doubt I'll have as much fun with those as I had with Prada; I even paid the bitter multiplex ticket price other 4 times after the 1st, read the book and bought the OST. It's absolutely my favorite 2006 movie, even though most of the others I'll watch in 2007 as usual.

About #2, dancing penguins are better than non-dancing penguins, forestless animals or any other kind of humanized animal, or fairy tales parody, etc.