September 2, 2006

Simon! Freo!

Simon! Tell you friend/teacher/whatever they are that Last Train to Freo was really quite good for the first hour or so and then completely awful for the rest.

What a fucking stupid ending. Piss weak and, to be honest, kind of insulting. It was seriously as if the makers decided they needed to tack on a hideous ending in order to stand out from the crowd or something. Ugh. And the rest of it was so good!

More later, but seriously... WTF?

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Simon A said...

I could have seen that today got free if I wanted to... but now it's too late. A friend won a double pass and invited me to see it, but then forgot and made other plans, but I could have still gone alone, but it's too far away and I have too much uni work to do. (I'm also skipping a relo bash! Sweet.)

It's pretty much the only Australian movie not playing at Toronto. Even The Silence, that ABC miniseries from the wanke- from the woman who made Somersault is going to be there!