August 27, 2006


I heart Lily Tomlin. She's good value. She's in Australia at the moment on a comedy tour (a very brief one). I have to remember to set her interview on Enough Rope. Andrew Denton gives good interview and she's a hoot, so...
Anyway, I bring up the nine-to-fiver because of this article in which Lily comes out against US and Australian legislation against gay marriage. I didn't know she's been with her partner for 35 years, cause that's a long time y'all. She makes a point that I always come to when I'm debating the whole gay marraige thing - isn't it just people trying to fit into a straight lifestyle? I know there's tonnes of people that want it. I do too. But, I sort've don't wanna give the Politicians the satisfaction of being able to laugh about the first 'gay divorce' or whatever (most likely a celebrity. I can see the headlines '*N Sync Member says 'Bye Bye Bye' to Gay Marraige' or something equally puntastically bad). Like, it'd be as if no straight people had ever gotten divorced before. "This is what happens when you let homosexuals infiltrate a heterosexual ritual" or some bullshit, right?

Like, as I said, I'm all for homosexuals (both singles and couples) having equal rights as heterosexuals, but I just find it quite funny that after all these years of finally being able to come out to society and all that stuff that now we want to become just like them again. It certainly doesn't help though having insulting claptrap made about the subject and, essentially, demeans it and puts it on the level of farce. "Oh those wacky gays!"

I know that's not what it's all about, but that's just one of the many views I have floating around inside my wee little brain.

BTW, I had forgotten how awesome Finding Nemo was (and I just realised the link between Finding Nemo and this entry. It was completely by accident)


Vertigo's Psycho said...

A :behind-the-scenes" Tomlin story: I live in a fairly isolated community, but the local university has a program called Center Arts, which brings some pretty big acts to the area. Last year, while I was working in my former job at a hotel, Ms. Tomlin stayed there for the duration of her show (2 nights). Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet her personally, but a coworker, Mary-Martha, checked her in and told me Lily was very friendly, asking her if she was going to see the show, then, after Mary-Martha stated she didn't have tickets, Lily turned to her assistant, good-naturedly said "What are we going to do about this?" and made sure Mary-Martha got a couple free tickets to see the show. It was great to hear Ms. Tomlin's as charming in person as on the stage or screen.

Kamikaze Camel said...

omg i LOVE that story.

Plus, it features a person called Mary-Martha and that's just precious.

Vertigo's Psycho said...

Yes, and you had to call her Mary-Martha, or else! Only use one or the other, and you'd be dead (she was just like Ann-Margret in that respect).