July 6, 2006

Oh lordy

Jake, honey! What are you doing?

Does Heath know you're riding around in tight bike shorts with your vest flying open exposing your hairy chest? This is so 1978 homo-town. All he needs is the handlebar moustache and he'll be a fully fledged Village person! Yee-haw. Speaking of which, the six movies that helped kill Disco. It's fantastic (notice the inclusion of inaugural Cinema of the Absurd member Staying Alive!)

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JA said...

I know it's so very wrong, but I can't help myself... even the usually offensiive-to-my-very-being thought of a handlebar mustache can't turn me off from him. Not to mention the spanndex.

Jake could wear Hammer-pants and a "Dorothy from the Golden Girls" blouse with enormous shoulder pads and as long as he exposed a little skin I'd still be infatuated.

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