June 10, 2006

Random Web Link

I was scrounging around google images today looking for (wouldncha guess) images. I'm planning on doing some retrospective Uma awards and was searching for some Mulholland Drive stuff (which you just know will show up in droves) and came across Lost on Mulholland Drive. It was created by Rotten Tomatoes posters of all people. But, seriously. This is the best site I have seen for this movie. There are so many theories and conspiricies and all that stuff. The movie itself is addictive enough but this site was as well. Man, so much fun.

My favourite theory that I had never even considered can be found here, concerning the mysterious house-swapping neighbour DaRosa. It's the fourth theory down and you can tell which one it is because it's got the picture below right next to it. It's fascinating stuff. I love David Lynch. Even if he doesn't mean to, he's mindfucking us like nobody else. God, he's brilliant. And so is the movie.

Did i mention this movie was brilliant?


JavierAG said...

Ah Mulholland, Mulholland... it just keeps growing on me.

adam k. said...

Excellent site.

The Streepathon is now in full swing, btw. I remember you being excited for it months ago back when it was supposed to have started, so please hop on over... I feel like no one is paying attention! (argh)

Kamikaze Camel said...

oh i am. The French [i can't spell that word]'s Woman. It's sad that I haven't seen any of those movies. :(