June 2, 2006

Leave October 13 free (+ Donna Summer Funness)

Not only is October, Friday the 13th MY BIRTHDAY, it is also the release date for two of my most (and certainly yours too) anticipated movies. I speak of Marie-Antoinette and now JoBlo Reports that Darren Aronofsky's latest venture The Fountain is to be released that day also. Alas, there was bound to be a bad movie opening that day as well and unluckily it is The Grudge 2 which is vile by default. The original (both the American and Japanese, but especially the American one) were AWWWFUL.

Is this the movie that Heath Ledger said "no!" to Baz Luhrmann for? Sounds like it could be interesting. I think it's Australian, as it stars Heath, is directed by Phillip Noyce and will be made here (is the story Australian? I don't know). But I was actually really pumped to see Heath and Nicole on screen with Baz behind the camera. Oh well. As long as Baz hires an Australian for the part then I'm sure he'll get the job done.

In non-related matters.

I'm baking a cake! Right now! As I type this! It's in the oven (like a bun, of sorts)! Alas, I am not going to take a leaf out of Donna Summer's "Macarthur Park" book and leave it out in the rain (I couldn't take it, cause it took so long to bake it, and I'll never have that recipe AGAAAIIIIN!)

Wow. I just quoted Donna Summer. How many leagues of gayness did I just leap? How does a Macarthur Park melt in the night and why would anyone leave a cake out in the rain?


RC said...

not really interested in marie-antoinette...i think it looks mad...

BUT The Fountain...i'm curious.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com


so glenn.

how did the cake turn out. I think we all deserve an update!