June 7, 2006

Happy Birthday Nathaniel

So, let's face it. Without this man none of us would even be here (don't deny y'all). So for once in my life I'm actually taking the attention off of moi (take advantage while you can, it's RARE baby) and focusing on Nathaniel, whose birthday is sort of happening right now.

I think I told Nat this story recently when I had the supremely awesome opportunity to meet the man in person (and attend a Broadway show doncha know), but I'll say it again. I happened upon Nat's site nigh on 5 years ago. I had seen Moulin Rouge! in the cinema (the first of six such times thank you very much) and absolutely died in love with it. I went on the internet to read reviews and happened across several Oscar prediction sites. I wasn't too much into the Oscars at that time (I watched them with glee but not to the extent that I do now) and was shocked to find that Moulin Rouge! was considered an Oscar movie. As the year progressed I followed one of my (as it has come to be known) all-time favourite movie years.

At some point in the season I came upon a website called The Film Experience and instantly fell in love. I think over the span of a few nights I read every single word on that website. Every. Single. Word. 'twas devotion y'all. I chuckled as Nat joked about how he may as well call his site "The Moulin Rouge Experience."

Over the years I think we've all enjoyed reading his movie reviews, his Film Bitch Awards, his countdowns and so forth. And as of last year we got given the gift of THE FILM EXPERIENCE BLOG. I even remember him, at the very start, saying he didn't think the whole blog thing was going to catch on (as in relation to his website, not in general - that'd be poor judgement ey?), but catch on it did. And soon enough he had created his own little community. There are the regulars over there, constantly replying to his entries and following his every word as if they are messages from some holy homo goddess (lord knows there's enough of them already though!).

I thank Nathaniel for being the most welcoming of Internet hosts, constantly reaching out to his readers. He's a champ! I also thank him for helping me meet many wonderful people (and subsequent blogs) who make the time I spend on the Internet feel less time-wasting and more... time...useful... ???

Hey, this entry DID end up being mostly about ne. But, really. What sort of attention seeker would I be if I didn't relate everything back to me? Cheers, Nat. Happy birthday and all that that entails for you. :P I give you an A+

Love, Glenn.


adam k. said...

Yeah, I gave $20 to Nate today.

I don't know whether to be grateful to him for giving me the film experience or to curse him for giving me my most damning obsession... but I think I'm grateful. He is a kindred spirit, to be sure, and always a source of great insight and amusement.

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