June 2, 2006

Bite Sized Portions

The Last of the Mohicans (1992, dir. Mann) - Strangely uninvolving, yet wonderful to look at and the performances are great (particularly Daniel Day-Lewis (as always) and Wes Studi). If the whole film were like the last half an hour it would've been much greater. All throughout the movie though all I could think of was if Daniel Day-Lewis had played the Colin Farrell role in The New World OMG. B-

My Own Private Idaho (1991, dir. Van Sant) - I love Gus Van Sant. I love River Phoenix. This movie is great. First half is better than the second though. A-

Dead Man Walking (1995, dir. Robbins) - Moving. Touching. Stellar perfect performances. How strange that it only got four Oscar nominations. A

1 comment:

adam k. said...

Yah, My Own Private Idaho and Dead Man Walking ARE pretty great... especially DMW. Stupid evil best picture snub.