June 4, 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different...

The MTV Awards continue to be more relevant than the Oscars. Wedding Crashers won three including Best Film, Breakthrough (Isla Fisher) and On-Screen Team. Way to go ISLA! You rock.

But the real brilliance comes in the form of Brokeback Mountain! It won two. Jake Gyllenhaal won for Best Performance (inclusive of males and females) so way to go Jake! And Jake and Heath both won for Best Kiss, which is sort of hilarious. The MTV awards always include a same-sex kiss in their nominees (even when they're laughably stupid as Jennifer Garner and that other chick from Elektra) but I don't think they ever win. So... yay!

And while I'm not a fan of Jessica Alba on screen, I actually find her immensely likable off screen and when accepting her award for sexiest performance (for Sin City) she thanked "all the perverts who voted for me," nice one. Colin Farrell also got in a jibe about Brangelina when they won for best action scene. My man Christian Bale also got a tub of popcorn for Best Hero. Way to go Steve Carell as well for winning for Best Comedy Performance. Totally earned. Spike Lee picked up an award for Do The Right Thing (as The Breakfast Club did last year) representing a film that is still relevant today or something. Jim Carrey got a Lifetime Achievment doviewhacker.

Now, I just wish I had been able to see the bloody show *scowls that Channel 10*


RC said...

I think you'll really enjoy my recent post which shows all the same-sex kiss nominations and wins the mtv awards have had.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Kamikaze Camel said...

hah, GOLD