May 15, 2006

This is just for me:


I find it highly amusing that I have run out of things to waste time doing so I decided to make images of people telling me not to procastinate. I am TIME RESOURCEFUL!

I recieved my The Short Films of David Lynch DVD in the mail. It's so purty. But I'm sooo not in a Lynchian mood right now. I just can't concentrate doing my stupid PR crap assigning that I don't give a flying fuck about.

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My court trip today was a total bust. Neither Kirby or I had to get up into the witness box and give evidence. Hell, we didn't even go into the courtroom. We just sat in the foyer for an hour until that dumb nut decided to plead guilty. What a 'ron.

Lol, Christina Milian's new album is called "So Amazin'" ho' fuckin' stupi' i' tha'. It wouldn't be so bad if the track on the album that the title comes from was actually called "So Amazin'" but it's actually called "So Amazing". IDIOTS. Having said that, there's a few good songs on there. "Say I" and "Twisted" are the best and the rest are probably Beyonce cast-offs. Christina Milian's imitated J.Lo and Beyonce and neither of those worked so now she's riffing on... Ashanti and Rihanna? WAY TO GO! (I didn't buy her CD, I got given it to review for my new job).

Lindsay Lohan's Just My Luck died at the box-office. Good. That means she'll REALLY stay in her newly discovered "good movie" territory. I can't wait for them to start coming out starting with Prairie Home Companion sometime... eventually... although knowing Australia they'll probably leave it until next March or something like that. Cause NOBODY likes to see Meryl Streep movies ever ya know?!

I watched Platoon last night. Was pretty good. I'd definitely rank it below most of the other films similar to it. The big final action setpiece was really well done though. How come it wasn't nominated for Best Cinematography - that seemed like a given. I just don't like Charlie Sheen as an actor so he was a wash for me, but of the rest my definite two faves were Willem Dafoe and (no, not Tom Berenger, lol) John C McGinley from "Scrubs" which was surprising. One thing I didn't particularly like about Platoon was the characters. I know that was Oliver Stone's point but it wasn't exactly fun watching that scene in the Cambodian village where they just senselessly murder all those people and so on. I was shocked to discover though that this film's budget was $6mil and was an independent film! Why isn't this ever mentioned...? B

I'm tired.


JavierAG said...

LOL, isn't everything failing box-office wise right now?

Um, this entry merits a lot of LOLs ;)

Kamikaze Camel said...

1) pretty much
2) :P

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA Fuck you nigga talk about chrisitna like that, suck a dick nigga