May 13, 2006

Remind me:

Cause my memory was a mere 5 months old at the time. But how did Whoopi Goldberg lose the Best Actress Oscar for The Color Purple? I mean, how did SHE not become the first African-American actress to win Best Actress a whole generation before she who's name must not be spoken. And I would ask how Denzel Washington lost the Oscar but that was the year that Pacino won. I've never seen Scent of a Woman but I don't particularly care to. The bits of it I have seen look atrocious.

Also, do you KNOW how hard it is to type "Color" without the U. That's a whole lifetime of conditioning gone right there. I hate that. Happened to Pearl Harbor too and all those sorta titles. Bah to American spelling.


adam k. said...

She lost because Geraldine Page had to win... she was old and had been nominated like 8 times. Sad, though, that Color Purple won nothing... and shocking, considering the 11 noms.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I hate the Academy sometimes. They should given it to Geraldine for Interiors and then it'd be alright. I haven't seen Coming Home but Jane Fonda already had an oscar for Klute.

Aah, they make no sense.

Cal said...

sometimes? hmm.. I haven't seen this but I agree about the color/colour thing. It's so horrible.