May 27, 2006

I Got Nothin...

Well, I do have stuff but nothing of much interest.

This extract from Fay Dunaway's biography is Gold! The link is to a Fug Yourself article about the Faye and her disgusting Cannes gown. "Working with Polanski was difficult in some ways, but I loved working with Jack. I also love fried chicken. But I never got to eat it when I was on set. Anyway, I don't want to talk about Roman anymore."

My favourite person whose blog URL almost looks like it says "slut" (aka, Javier - i love you) posted the following poster... so now I've saved it on my computer and am posting it too. But check out Javier's blog. He's awesome. I didn't think this movie could get any more enigmatic than it already is (a sci-fi love story set over 1000 years?) but the poster (albiet a fan poster) goes and does it with that haunting image of a woman (Rachel Wiesz?) walking through the snow. I would love for them to actually use this poster as a real one (i doubt it tho) because it looks very beautiful.

Well, well, well... it appears Roger Ebert sets the record straight about that disastrous Marie-Antoinette screenings over here. Roger too seems to have had the film grow on him since he wrote about it a couple of days prior.

...yeah, whatever.

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RC said...

roger ebert rockin' the boat...just like him being one of the few to like Da vinci code...

i hadn't seen the poster for the fountain but i posted a little about it last night since hugh jackman stars in it w/ rachel weisz and i was doing a jackman post.

--RC of