May 28, 2006

Holy Freakin' X-Cow!

Have you seen the Friday numbers of X3: The Last Stand? It made $44.5mil on Friday alone. It'll definitely pass $100mil on Sunday (three days is FAST!) and it could go as high as $150mil by the end of Monday (it's a public holiday, right?!). Of course it could collapse after Friday but I doubt it could fall so bad as to not reach $100mil. Box Office Prophets are making an estimation of $142.4mil for the four-day weekend which is ridiculously high. X3's $44.5mil is actually the largest Friday number in history, beating out the two Spiderman movies and Shrek 2.

The Da Vinci Code fell a typically large number but will be rescued by your Memorial Day or whatever it is. Over the Hedge could theoretically outgross it's opening number if it has a good Saturday and Sunday. After that it's a dead-zone as MI3 will most likely fall under the $10mil barrier. Crikies that's bad. Australia's worse for MI3 though, which i LOVE.

Georgie and I watched Prime and Heights last night, and I'll post about them later.


RC said...

interesting! i hadn't seen the numbers yet.

--RC of

JavierAG said...

So that means everyone's looking at the miracle that is Famke Janssen as Phoenix? Good for them!

Kamikaze Camel said...

And Hugh Jackman's muscles. :p