May 7, 2006

Everybody Say Together: OUCH!

Box Office Results are in for the first Friday of "Summer" and... well... sorry Tommy boy, but you're not guaranteed a huge opening anymore. YAY! Mission Impossible 3 is going to open with a really disappointing three-day take.

Possible reasons for this

1) The "first week of summer" has disappointed for the last three years. Maybe they [Hollywood] should rethink this.
2) A substantial amount of people didn't like Mission Impossible 2 at all and decided to not go - especially since it was 6 years ago.
3) It looked like shit and boring.
3) A substantial amount of people think Tom Cruise is batshit crazy and boycotted the damned thing!

They definitely can't say there wasn't enough publicity. It was everywhere. If this movie makes less than stuff like Van Helsing or Hulk I think I'll laugh so hard i'll pop!

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