May 25, 2006


I'm bored. So here's a photo of me!

Ain't I just the sort you'd like to take home to your (shocked) mother. I just watched Funny Girl (1968, dir. Wyler). I... didn't expect to like a Barbra Streisand movie THAT much. It was awesome! Loved it. I'm not at all a Babs fan but I am in this. Great songs too.


JavierAG said...

You're looking mighty good if you ask me!

adam k. said...

Aw, cute. You look very Australian.

I loved Funny Girl, too. Didn't expect to, but it's kind of great. Babs deserved that oscar, big time.

par3182 said...

gay rite of passage 101 - watching 'funny girl' and discovering his inner streisand. well done.

Kamikaze Camel said...

lol. My favourite Babs moment is still her rendition of "Jingle Bells" - have you heard that? It's hilarious.

Oh, and thnx Jav and Adam.