March 3, 2006

Awards musings

Does anyone else get the feeling that Jake Gyllenhaal is going home with the Oscar? I still think it will be strange if the movie that will almost certainly win Best Picture goes home without an actuing statue, especially for a movie that was so praised for it's acting. I guess by this time Heath is out of the question - however blasphemous that may sound (how is the greatest male lead performance of the last 10 years get so roundly dismissed in terms of wins?) and while I still think Michelle is in the hunt, I finally think Rachel will get that one.

That leaves Jake, and seriously; consider this.

The category is wide open.
There are two that the race seems to be between.
Isn't it possibly voters go "I don't know. George or Paul? I'll go with Jake!"
He's hollywood royalty, folks!
He's really a lead.
He's the sort of guy that magazines can put on their pages and not have to touch up
Er, he's really great!

...i dunno. I think I'm gonna predict him. But knowing my luck it'll go to Paul Giamatti. Which is so annoying - and I actually liked Cinderella Man! (i didn't think Paul was any good though). I hate the thought that my two least favourite actors (out of those are everyone seems to LOVE) could win on Sunday. Phillip and Paul. Blah. Disgusting.

As much as I want Reese to win Best Actress I think I would love even more for their to be an upset by... Keira Knightly. uh-huh. I don't know why.

Oh, and I'm all set to present MY very own awards. I'm gonna see A History of Violence and Rent next week and that'll be about it. I have no chance to see Cache, The New World or North Country so you'll have to make do, even though I think the former 2 would figure heavily.


JavierAG said...

While I think Jake is better than all of the other nominees in his category combined, I was almost shocked he got the nom.

I mean - he's very young, he's pretty (and male- so strike!) and so NOT the kind of person that Oscar would award so early in his career.

Plus, his performance is like a breath of fresh air, and they tend to prefer tragedy or hilarity in their male actors.

All that said, I'm predicting him too. But it's more wishful thinking of me than anything else.

adam k. said...

I think I am also predicting Jake, so realistically, George will probably take it. Don't see it going to Paul, though. My final predictions are up on my blog.