February 6, 2006

Which Best Actress candidate am I?

Why, I'm June Carter-Cash of course! Sharp as a razor, I am, and wouldn'tcha know it, I'm pretty damn foxy to boot.

Okay, scrap that last part, but 'tev. The men in my life are indeed frustrating but oh-so-lovable. Reese is awesome. In the (supremely saddening) absense of Joan Allen, I hope she wins. As much as I loved Keira Knightley, I don't want her to be an OSCAR WINNER. That'd be weird and sorta creepy!

June Carter Cash
It burns, burns, burns, that love you have for your

(troubled) man. But you know how to laugh and

smile despite the tears. Others cherish your

creativity, beauty, humor, talent, and spark.

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