January 2, 2006

When the greats are almost too great


It's movies like East of Eden that actually make me want to bemoan 2005's crop of the movies. I've tried to remain as positive as I can be about 2005's movies as an almost counter-production to 95% of the movie-critiquing/blogging/whatevering communitee. I really liked a bunch of movies this year. I liked a bunch more. But, really, looking over the movies I've seen I notice a lot of movies i really liked or liked but not that many that I can see myself saying "Oh, yeah, i love that movie!" when I see it listed on tv or on a video shelf at Blockbuster.

And last night I watched East of Eden for only the second time and I just... man, i adore this movie so much. It is Top-10-of-All-Time worthy. Just so wonderful.

I do wonder though, if James Dean hadn't have had two films released that year (1955) would be have received an Oscar nomination for Rebel Without A Cause? He was nommed for Eden in '55 and then for Giant in '56. If Eden were released a year earlier, would we be discussing Dean as one of that rare group of actors who got three Best Actor nominations in a row?

it's a shame, James Dean never made more than three films with major roles. He coulda been great. He coulda been a contender.

(sorry, slipped into '50s Idol mode there)

Anyway. I'm about to post my Top 10 of 2005... but it's a tad different to most. And again, it kind of just says how lower on the spectrum 2005 was.


Rebel Without a Cause said...

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Jose said...

Not only nominated, Dean should have been the weird case of three Oscar wins in a row!