January 6, 2006

SAG & DGA - How I Went

Best Ensemble
Brokeback Mountain
Good Night & Good Luck
Hustle & Flow

Wow, did NOT see either Capote or Hustle & Flow coming in this category. I had predicted Walk the Line and (sigh) Pride & Prejudice - the very definition of an ensemble, right alongside Crash. Oh well. And, as Nathaniel has mentioned - it's weird knowing Ludacris is now a two-time SAG nominee. So is a lot of others but LUDACRIS.

Best Actor
Russell Crowe
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Heath Ledger
Joaquin Phoenix
David Strathain

I got 4/5 here. I had Terrance Howard instead of Crowe - which I probably wasn't too far off on considering that film (H&F) got an ensemble nomination out of thin air.

Best Actress
Judi Dench
Felicity Huffman
Charlize Theron
Reese Witherspoon
Zhang Ziyi

Well, I only got 3/4 but my alternate (Theron) made it. I am whole convinced that the reason Theron and Ziyi made it is because at the time of the nominating period those two names were hotHOThot but are not anymore so they can make way for someone else. It's not that surprising that Keira Knightly isn't there. The voters were probably frightened that someone so young can take up lead roles from them. LOL, not really. Isn't it odd that last year everyone was all "WE HAVE OUR FINAL FIVE" when SAG nominees came out but with this list... it just doesn't look right. However, the first three a essentially locks and I'll be gobsmacked if any of them (specially Witherspoon and Dench) aren't read out on that nomination day.

Best Supporting Actor
Don Cheadle
Matt Dillon
George Clooney
Jake Gyllenhaal
Paul Giamatti

Don Cheadle? Now THAT is a surprise. I suppose he's extremely well-liked and gave a pretty decent performance. And I'm glad Jake made it. I'm finally convinced he can make it to the Oscar shortlist. God, I hate Paul Giamatti SO FREAKIN' MUCH! Like, can he just go away please and never bother me ever again?! ugh. PISS OFF YOU LITTLE FESTERING WEED. I think we have our final five line up here, just substitute Cheadle for Hoskins - isn't it strange how nobody even bothered discussing Hoskins for SAG. Strange. I scored 4/5 here, I predicted John Hurt (from the completely dissed History of Violence) instead of Cheadle.

Best Supporting Actress
Amy Adams
Catherine Keener
Frances McDormand
Rachel Weisz
Michelle Williams

Ya know what I just realised! Ann Hathaway is this year's Sandra Oh! She's the fourth member of a predominately four-member cast all of whom are winning awards except for her. And not through lack of performance (apparently) i suppose, it's just that Michelle Williams is getting all the attention ala Virginia Madsen. Anyway. I got 3/5 here. I had Johansson and MacLaine (Match Point and In Her Shoes respectively) instead of Adams and Keener. Who else is extremely surprised to see Amy Adams there?! I still don't see Keener being Oscar-nominated for this in a year with possible nominees such as Johansson, MacLaine, Bello, Keaton plus the other four ladies up there. McDormand is slowly creeping up there to legitimate contender right alongside Williams and Weisz, much like Gyllenhaal, has finally convinced me she can be a very strong top 5 contender.

George Clooney
Paul Haggis
Bennett Miller
Ang Lee
Steven Spielberg

Man, didn't George Clooney have a good day? 2 SAG nods + his first DGA nomination. I scored 4/5 here. Didn't see Miller coming (much like with SAG ensemble) and had Mangold there purely because the FILMS match up to the Academy's Best Picture lineup really weel. I still think Walk The Line will make it into the Oscar Top 5 though (the next highest earner of the contenders field is Cinderella Man! Or, King Kong if you're really stretching). Still can't see Capote as an Oscar Best Picture nominee, but i suppose it could happen. It's on a role.

Here's the question - Lee actually won this prize 5 years ago. Can he do a Ron Howard and win the DGA then lose the Oscar and then several years later win DGA again and then finally go on to Oscar glory? Hmm... we'll see.

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