January 20, 2006

Happy Birthday...

...to the King of Weird!

Yes, that's right. David Lynch is 60 today. 60. What's up next for Mr Lynch? Well, no doubt you have heard about INLAND EMPIRE starring Laura Dern, Harry Dean Stanton and Justin Theroux and is about a girl... and a mystery... and that's all we know. Oh, it's premiering at Cannes! There is an average of 6.66 years between each of this three Best Director nominations with the Academy (Elephant Man 1980, Blue Velvet 1986 and Mulholland Drive 2001) so that puts Inland Empire just under that number (by the time of the film's release it would have been roughtly 5 years). But he has never done so with consecutive films - however, he is usually more regular than this, so who knows really.

Maybe this can finally be the film to relaunch Laura Dern back into the film-world properly!

Anyway, back to the man himself. Happy Birthday (cause I know he reads this) and keep up the good stuff.


JavierAG said...

David Lynch, David Lynch, I love you. Here's for another all-time masterwork soon OK? Like what you did with "Mulholland". Or at least a masterpiece. Please.

Kamikaze Camel said...

1. Mulholland Drive
2. Twin Peaks Series
3. Blue Velvet
4. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
5. Lost Highway
6. Wild At Heart
7. Elephant Man
8. Eraserhead

I choose to believe Dune was never made and I wish they'd hurry up and release The Straight Story on DVD here.

JavierAG said...

For me "The Elephant Man" would be in the Top 3 right there with "Mulholland" and "Blue Velvet". I found it to be a work of devastating Lynchian beauty, just so awesome in every way! Still haven't seen "Eraserhead".

Also, "The Straight Story" is really wonderful. So weird despite the deceiving "normalcy" of it.

Kamikaze Camel said...

It's deceiving having Elephant Man at number 7 because it's still an A- movie.