January 11, 2006

Globes Thought + Meh Movies

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama is gonna go to Maria Bello. Felicity will win her category for TV, Maria will take film and will be promptly snubbed for Oscar because they won't know what category to put her in.

The end.

Rumour Has It... (dir. Reiner) - Yet another romantic comedy that is "off". The movie lags whenever Shirley MacLaine isn't around (tellingly, she gets the films movie guffaw-inducing bit - the entire cinema laughed at that one bit) and I still don't get why Mark Ruffalo wants to make romantic comedies when he could make movies like Collateral that make more money. It doesn't make sense. C+

Fun with Dick and Jane (dir. Parisot) - Yet another comedy that is "off". This one feels underbaked, at odds with itself - as if they didn't know what people would find funny so they threw in everything they had (still only 90 minutes worth). However, there are a steady supply of jokes after a pretty blah start. Alec Baldwin chews scenery as always. Tea Leoni gets my sympathy - WHY ISN'T SHE A BIGGER STAR? C+

The thing with these two is, and this is why they get C+s, that I was forced to watch either one again I wouldn't particularly care. You know how some movies aren't good but they're not so hopelessly bad that you can't bare the mention of them? Ya...

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