December 13, 2005

So many awards, so little time

Whoa, I got out for one day and I miss NY, NBR, BIFA and the Gothams. Surprises from both camps

picture: Brokeback Mountain

This was my alternate. I figured they'd go for Munich cause they like serious Spielberg. But I'm extremely happy. This now has LA and NY. Can it miss for a BP nomination? I doubt it.

director: Ang Lee

Ditto! Ang Lee's walk the Academy podium is starting methinks. I predicted this win so, yay for me!

actor: Heath Ledger

THANK YOU NEW YORK! So happy about my man Ledger. This one I predicted Hoffman and for once he actually didn't win. God...

actress: Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon winning at the Oscars will become a near certaintly fairly soon. I had Joan Allen and Claire Danes as my predix. Good for Reese though. I love me some Reese.

supp. actor: William Hurt

Wow. Very strong showing by William these last 2 days. But can a cameo (from what I've read) by a MAN get into the top 5? I had Clooney. I didn't really know who to think for this category, although Hurt seems like he's gonna become the go-to man for predix when theres not identifiable idea.

supp. actress: Maria Bello

Maria needed this. It at least keeps her in the hunt, but she'll need more to make it with Oscar. I predicted this one correctly. Yay for me.

screenplay: The Squid and the Whale

A couple of months I had a hunch this was gonna get a nod for Original Screenplay, and now it appears like it will happen. Yay for me. Didn't predict this one though.

WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE CATEGORIES? Are there more to be announced or what?

The National Board of Review

Best Film: Good Night, And Good Luck

I didn't expect this one! I had it in the top ten, but way to go.

And, in alphabetical order:

Brokeback Mountain*
History of Violence*
Good Night & Good Luck*
Match Point
Memoirs of a Geisha*
Walk the Line

Memoirs of a Geisha? Good to see Match Point get some love. I predicted six of these (denoted by a *). The five frontrunners for Best Picture are in there though... I dunno bout that.


Best Foreign-Language Film: Paradise Now
And, in alphabetical order:
Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress
Walk on Water

This is all so irrelevant because only Paradise Now is eligable. I already had it as a prediction though, so... for the NBR I predicted 2046 as the winner, but it at least placed. so that's cool.


Best Documentary: March of the Penguins
And, in alphabetical order:
Ballets Russes
Grizzly Man
Mad Hot Ballroom

Well, good for the three that are eligable. Is Ballets Russes eligable? I forget. I predicted this one correctly though. Yay for me.

Best Animated Feature: Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

Good for them, but Wallace & Gromit are clearly the animated superstars of 2005.

Best Director: Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain

YAY! I didn't predict Ang, but good for him! I'm so happy!

Best Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Capote

Again, didn't predict it, but it's no surprise. I had Ledger.

Best Actress: Felicity Huffman, TransAmerica

She was my alternate. Whatever.

Best Supporting Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal, Brokeback Mountain

WOW! Way to go Jakey! Didn't expect this.

Best Supporting Actress: Gong Li, Memoirs of a Geisha

I WAS CLOSE! I predicted Zhang Ziyi in 2046 or Maria Bello.

Best Acting By An Ensemble: Mrs. Henderson Presents


Breakthrough Performance Actor: Terrence Howard, Crash, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and Hustle & Flow

Yup, okay. I suppose this is ACTUALLY a breakthrough in that he wasn't widely known of. But he was working before! So, whatever. This'll help him though.

Breakthrough Performance Actress: Q’Orianka Kilcher, The New World

I predicted her for Youth Performance, which they ditched this year. Oh well. They didn't really "go" for Pride & Prejudice, did they?

Best Directorial Debut: Julian Fellowes, Separate Lies

Ummm... okay.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Stephen Gaghan, Syriana

This can only help, i suppose.

Best Original Screenplay: Noah Baumbach, The Squid and the Whale


Best Film or Mini-Series Made for Cable TV: Lackawanna Blues


Career Achievement: Jane Fonda
Career Achievement in Film Music Composition: Howard Shore

Wow, I predicted Shirley MacLaine and Thomas Newman! So, i was sorta really close... but not.

Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects: King Kong

I get the feeling they wanted to reward it somewhere, cause they don't usually have this category. But, they've never really warmed to Jackson's big movies so...

Billy Wilder Award for Excellence in Direction: David Cronenberg

This'll help!

GOTHAM's announced their winners.

BEST ENSEMBLE CAST The Squid and the Whale

Amy Adams, yet again! I predicted her in my last predictions for Oscar and to be honest... i'm gonna keep her in there for now. The rest? moving on...

And it was good to see The Constant Gardener take a swag of awards home from the British Independent Film Awards. Hopefully it can resurge with Oscar just in time.

Man, I'm wiped. I've seen 3 movies today (well, one was a 24minute short, but it totally counts) and I'm gonna go watch a documentary about Errol Flynn right now. Update again tomorrow.

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