December 7, 2005

Peaches and Wedding Cake

The Wedding Date (2005, dir. Kilner) -

Where's Karen Walker when you need her?

Meh. Bland, undercooked rom-com starring Grace Adler as herself. Who knew she could be an interior decorator, fag-hag AND be a bi-continental airport worker? She's impressive. Almost as impressive as Dermot Mulroney's ability to smoulder. Georgie, Hannah, Nathan and myself just spent the incredibly short 75 minutes just poking holes at it. How did they fall inlove so freakin fast being the ultimate question. It's never answered. C-

Peaches (2005, dir. Monahan)

Emma Lung - The next big thing? I sorta hope so.

Second viewing of this tiny Aussie movie. I basically am able to firm fairly solid opinions of movies after one viewing of a movie (and I figure, it's not really my ability to watch movies multiple times so I have to form it then), however I wanted to go back to this one because I was conflicted the first time I saw it. I basically have the exact same feelings as before though, except I enjoyed it more this time.

The main issue I have is still the unneeded and rather quite strange bypass off the frequent track through the storyline of Hugo Weaving and newcomer Emma Lung having a sexual relationship. It wasn't necessary to the plot and, to be honest, I still felt icky watching them go at it. She a beautiful young woman, he an older man. it just doesn't work.

However, having said that I appreciated the rest of the movie more. The dialogue felt less hammy. The performances were still all great with Emma Lung proving to be a great new talent and one to watch out for. Jacqueline MacKenzie also proved her position as one of my favourite actors who doesn't work enough (4400 be damned). And if anything, the film sure does look good. This movie is GORGEOUS! Absolutely beautiful to watch. The score is also fantastic and some great '80s songs injected into the mix for added effect. The big climax also worked better for me this time.

I appreciated the story more. This world that not many people know about - much like another 2005 Aussie gem Oyster Farmer - the peach industry. An industry on the brink of collapse, an industry that supports entire families and towns. There are no big theatrics on show here, just like in Oyster, however where that movie was more slice-of-life this movie had a much more developed plot. I liked Oyster Farmer more, but I like this one in other ways. I appreciate it for trying.

What's up with it being completely snubbed by the AFIs though?


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however i do think mulroney is sexy.