December 17, 2005

LOL@Memoirs part Deux

hah! Don't you just love imaturity! God, last night was so much fun. Although I've since woken up and I can remember pretty much everything I did last night, but for some reason the exact same spot on both of my legs hurts. I have no idea what I did to get that. Ohwell.

I did actually have a theory about Memoirs of a Geisha though that I went right over last night.

We all know that the movie is sliding out of the major categories, but I was wondering whether that status hurts it in the tech categories. I'm sure the costume segment of the Academy will recognise it, as will with the production designers and such, but... how possible is it now that they WON'T. Or, if they do, can they win? Hmmm... if Geisha doesn't win Costume for which it seems most accustomed to doing, what does? It seems like the only OBVIOUS one (ie; big, bold and bright) with movies like Pride & Prejudice being mostly low-key (although fabulous and deserving) and Cinderella Man (which I have not seen) being the same. Could Mrs Henderson Presents take it with her feathers? Maybe, but Sandy Powell just recently won. As in THIS YEAR - I'm not as knowledgable about the costume area as Nat is so I don't know if they care about this when voting. Could Casanova overtake other movies that have other category placements (Casanova appears unlikely anywhere else) and win for it's only nomination (if it gets it, obviously). Jenny Beavan last won in 1987!

And then what of Kingdom of Heaven, Walk the Line, The Producers or even King Kong (which doesn't really have much going for its costumes. i mean, they look good but other than New York Glamour and Tropical Island Chic it doesn't have much else. Hmmm.

My legs hurt, as does my head (moreso than usual)


adam k. said...

Mmm... I think Memoirs is still in for Art Direction, Costumes, Makeup, Cinematography and Score... and will probably win costumes by default... unless something like Pride & Prejudice swoops in and takes it by surprise... that is possible.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah, it's probably in by virtue of it's own nature.

I'd love Pride & Prejudice to win something.