December 11, 2005

Early 90s Dramatics

The Piano (1993, dir. Campion) - Many consider this a classic. Everyone considers it an Australian classic. Is it? IS IT REALLY?

...well, duh. I finally got a chance to check this movie out in it's entirety and colour me impressed.

I think one of the greatest things in films is when they can take a simple story (say, for instance a woman who loves to play the piano becoming a mail-order bride) and turn into works of art through the powers of dialogue (or lack there of) and images. And what a beautiful film it is. The music, the cinematography, the acting - what acting! Holly Hunter is so sublime. Anna Paquin takes a tricky role for a child and embodies it with enough childness and maturity that it works. Sam Neill does his intense thing well and Harvey Keitel is all potboiling anxiety. Those nude scenes? He gets away with them without coming off as silly or "oh, look at Harvey Keitel's pennis" comments. Great movie. A

Trois Couleurs: Bleu, Blanc, Rouge (1993, 94, 94, dir. Kieslowski) - Blue and Red are really good, let me get that out of the way. Both feature great performances and are beautiful to watch. White, the middle film of Kieslowski's trilogy, on the other hand is a complete mess. Truly, what on earth was going on there? It was boring, ugly, pretentious and stupid. The plot twists are rediculous and the only moment of any greatness is the very end (which i think is slightly usurped by the ending of Rouge. Still, I don't know how the trilogy as a whole says anything about "contempory French culture" or whatever the box said. B+, C-, B+


adam k. said...

Do you know what time today the LA critics announce?

I hate to be that desperate as to sit waiting all day for the announcement when I have so many things I should be doing, but... well... you know. I am.

OK, whatever, I'm going out now.

damian b. said...

i pretty much love me some holly hunter...but i'm not sure i was totally feeling her win for the piano. i thought she was great...but her competition? what do you think?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Adam... the LA results (and my discussion) is up - obviously.

Damien. Truth? I've only seen 2 of 1993s Best Actress nominees. As much as I really liked Stockard Channing in Six Degrees, Holly still gets it from me. BUT, I've wanted to see What's Love Got To Do With It for ages (it's not out on DVD here yet), but I hear Angela Bassett was neck-and-neck. I'd really like to see it for myself though.

Kamikaze Camel said...

oh, wait! I've seen three. I've also seen Emma Thompson in Remains of the Day. She was really good in that movie.

My Top 5 for 1993 (as of the moment - remember I was 8years-old in 1993) are:

Juliette Binoche, Three Colours: Blue
Stockard Channing, Six Degrees of Seperation
Diane Keaton, Manhattan Murder Mystery
Meg Ryan, Sleepless in Seattle
Emma Thompson, Remains of the Day

Is it wrong that Sleepless in Seattle is one of my favourite movies?

adam k. said...

No, I like Sleepless in Seattle too. As that genre goes, it's choice.

Are you saying, though, that all five of these women were better than Hunter in the Piano? Cause that's insane... not to mention Angela Bassett as Tina Turner.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Er, slip up. Hunter is obviously #1. Consider it an unfair advantage on Hunter's part so I chose the next five.

oops. My mind was slipping.

damian b. said...

pretty much tina turner was amazing and should have been the first black woman to win an oscar not that wet dog halle berry ten years later.

Kamikaze Camel said...

ugh. It's so disappointing that Halle is the first african american to win Best Actress. Why couldn't it be Angela? Or Alfre Woodard? Or someone else.

It'll be weird if Jennifer Hudson get's nominated for Best Actress and wins. Cause, seriously. Halle Berry and an American Idol reject. Strange company.