December 18, 2005

Box Office Takings Spell Doom For Kong Oscar Hopes reads news headline

Or... not really, I made that up. But, if King Kong's financial success was one of the reasons why it was considered a frontrunner for a nomination then that can go out the window right about It grossed $14.4mil on Friday. That's a third less than Narnia last weekend and it'll need to get a huge boost on Saturday to even get to $50mil for the Fri-Sun segment of it's opening. So shocking - although it's it's own fault. A three remake of a movie about a giant gorilla? And it's not even as good as everyone is saying.

But in lighter news, Brokeback Mountain made the Top 10 on Friday with $.7mil! It should get to $2.5mil by the end of the weekend and have a PSA of over $30,000. That's excellent. And it's only showing on 69 screens. Brilliant!


adam k. said...

Oh my...

Yeah, if it isn't a giant hit (like $100 opening and at least like $250 total), I don't see it happening.

Maybe four or five tech noms now. That's it.

adam k. said...

Yeah, also Brokeback Mountain is going to be a serious hit. Top 10 in only 69 screens is huge. It's gonna make a lot of money by the time its run is over.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Can I just say, I usually yawn at all the silly jokes hetero Poland bloggers always say about Brokeback Mountain's name and everything related to it, but I seriously had a good snicker at the fact that it's playing in 69 cinemas. That's gold.

But, yeah, if it doesn't have the big blockbuster tag that many thought it'd have then I don't see how it'll be nommed.