December 12, 2005

Boston Film Critics

Brokeback Mountain and Catherine Keener get it AGAIN. Wow, is Catherine turning into a runaway, or a critical darling that gets snubbed come Oscar time? I haven't seen Capote but people say she's very much in the background. No big hysterionics. But, I suppose it could still work.


Film: Brokeback Mountain
Director: Ang Lee
Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Capote
Actress: Reese Witherspoon, Walk the Line
Supporting: Catherine Keener, Paul Giamatti
Screenplay: Capote, Dan Futterman
Documentary: Murderball
New Filmmaker Award: Joe Wright for Pride & Prejudice

Phillip winning is becoming as annoyingly monotonous as Jamie Foxx was last year. I don't really care if Ledger wins some, Phoenix wins some, Fiennes wins some, whatever, but i DON'T want Hoffman to win all of them. That's just boring. I still think Ledger is more likely for the Globe though.

Nice to see Pride & Prejudice's Wright win an award. Murderball winning can only help it. I personally think Murderball being nommed for Oscar doesn't seem that likely... but that's just me I think.

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adam k. said...

I also agree that Ledger's more likely for the globe, even if he places second to Hoffman in every single critics race. Especially if he's double-nommed. And they do love their young stars...