December 3, 2005

And now for something completely different...

So than Van Nguyen was finally executed yesterday. Umm... that's... so... sad... ???. I know I'm probably meant to feel all outraged the such, but... he was trafficking drugs through Singapore to Australia! Fuck. He's an idiot and the fact that he got caught and confessed seems to have gone over a lot of people's heads. He was caught in Singapore, who have a law. Just like Australia has laws of it's own, Singapore have theirs. And as I said the other day - if this guy's execution means more people don't traffic drugs through Asia (or anywhere for that matter) then that's great.

My personal favourite part of reading today's Herald Sun was the following quote from the guy's lawyer:

"Changi is a place that resonates in the Australian psyche ... we remember Changi for the unspeakable horrors that happened there under Japanese occupation. But what happened at Changi this morning is more shameful and worse."


I'm glad we sorted that one out because I was confused for a minute. I thought the 25-year-old who decided to make money by bringing 26,000 hits worth of heroin into Australia via Singapore was actually below the men who were captured during the war and taken to Changi and repeatedly abused, tortured and in some cases murdered. BUT NOW I HAVE BEEN CORRECTED! Thank you Mr. Richter.

And the newspaper went out to Burke Street Mall (the main shopping district of Melbourne) and asked people what they thought. Some didn't know, some didn't care, some did, some were outraged, one was late for work.

"As Melbourne man Nguyen Tuong Van went to the gallows yesterday, his home city was doing business as usual. In the Bourke Street Mall, tourists stopped to take pictures, school children on an excursion chatted loudly and the Oasis hit Morning Glory blared out from the HMV music store. The sign on the clothing store at the corner of Bourke and Swanston streets reads "Politix", but that was as close as it came to a political demonstration." And it continues on that very woe-is-the-drug-trafficker mentality.

Although it appears many have the same feeling as me.

"Darren Pollard and Paul Reuser from Berwick said they had no sympathy for Nguyen. 'He's dead, really? Pass the tissues,' Mr Pollard said. 'I couldn't give a rat's arse, mate.' Many said thhey felt sorry for Nguyen's family but believed Singapore's laws deserved respect.
'To tell you the truth, it's his own fault,' said Marion Mauremi, 21, of Cairnlea. 'He didn't deserve to die but that's what happens in different countries, they have different laws.'"

That's true. I feel for his family (the mother not being allowed one last embrace was actually sad), but in all honesty he was caught trafficking drugs in a nation that permits the death penalty. I don't like the death penalty, but that's their law.

If he was a peadophile or something nobody would give a shit, so why not a drug trafficker who could have been responsible for many many deaths.

Whatever. He's dead now and I don't really feel sympathy for him. It's sad, but it's the truth - he was executed for wanting to bring 26,000 hits of heroin into MY COUNTRY (and he's Victorian too, so MY STATE). Why should I feel sorry about that?

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